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Expanding wars are fueled by corrupt empire minded news media. Selling propaganda by collusion using lies, bribes, and fraud are what news monopolies do to profit themselves today. The Free Press News prefer reporters who sort Wikileaks and other data about wars, economics, ethics and governance to identify truth from disinformation. Do not media crimes and propaganda put humanity at risk for plunder and needless wars? What about nuclear wars? Realities are upon us. Consider these free press news reporters and their data.
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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded DC governance to eliminate; corruption, waste, deceit, and empire mania from DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Free Press News War Update -

War News 2017 - May 6 - Empire Wars - News Update - Free Press

Wars and insurrection are American foreign policy today. When exactly did America fall into the hands of empire warlords and banking (x#0!!)? When the first colonies were started? In 1777 as others argue? For me it was the day JFK was murdered. Empire expansion began after WW2 and was accelerated by the JFK murder. The Twin Towers Event launched historic expansion by many power hungry families who perfect their monopolies and empires because that is their purpose for their lives. Only competition between a few ruling families remains now as citizens are harvested according to the whims of a few ruthless, selfish, empire minded families. Slaves for empires are most families today controlled by embedded empire puppets who bow to empire masters. Trained from youth by an educational agenda, the embedded empire puppets are - aka - the deep state - and they are dedicated covert mercenaries. Many have become DC gangsters who serve corrupt, criminal, international warlords. American resources and purposes are theirs alone and the military serves them only to the exclusion of all others. Countless wars are mandates by empire deep state goons. New wars are always being hatched by arms industry advocates and their banking cohorts. Americans have been dominated by these agenda seen since WW2. Today Korea, Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq are under duress. Only new war business is booming around the world as blood debt grows rampantly. Will America have any remorse after they go Roman on a few more nations including North Korea? Do not American forces sometimes kill babies and children? What about our wars in Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Germany, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, The Indian Wars, The Civil War, and many other covert combat zones?  Sometimes babies are killed by error and/or otherwise... including population control, profit, and women's rights which in truth would include many legal abortions... we kill lots of babies. We - includes me, you, and all Americans... not just powerful people who instigate trouble to benefit by conquest, plunder, and mayhem. If we turn away and cower from government when it does harm, do we not own a part of the responsibility for the outcome?

X22 Reports from New York
by Dave

These daily Geo-Political and financial news are worthy of your consideration. Dave delivers diligent, 20 minute concise news reports. These Free Press Economic and Geo-political News broadcasts from New York deliver more news data than most three hour radio broadcasts.

Lies and spies are a very likely cause for the 59 American cruise missiles being unleashed upon Syria. Were these attacks safe for babies?  The missiles had a 30 to 60% accuracy rate depending on what report you read and each missile risked hitting chemicals that may have been still stored at the base. There were 1000 Christians living in a nearby village. Did Syria sabotage their near victory over ISIS with a deliberate attack upon babies using nerve gas?  Maybe they hit hidden chemicals by error? Maybe spies and lies set them up? What do you believe? Would they really use nerve gas on babies... on purpose and risk losing their own war? I think this was spy sheet, and/or false flag events and lies by spies who tricked Syria into bombing rebel targets where hidden chemical stockpiles were stored... just maybe... hmm? Whatever the truth really is about the alleged gas attack from Syria... it matters not. Media propaganda spews upon us now. What is this stink we smell about these war plans being sold to us by media news monopolies whom profit from wars? 

Aloha Michael Rivero - What Really Happened?

Mike is science minded and a free press news reporter broadcasting from Hawaii. His love of America and devotion to her citizens, are balanced. Mike has great respect for freedom, independence, and many cultures. Fair laws and ethics in America? Michael Rivero is agnostic. His wife is not. They are intelligent people who love and respect humanity. His honest, diligent, news reports are excellent.

INFOWARS Break News Where Other's Fear To Tread!
The Alex Jones Show. Can Alex Jones Benefit Americans?

Do we smell swamp gas... and is 2017 the year when Trump chumps us all... by joining DC pirates and New York crime lords whom plunder for profit and expand their new old Imperial Empires... through whatever means. Js Trump another war puppet freak like Both Bush War Criminals, Both Clinton Gangsters, Bad News Obama, Evil George Sorros, and many covert monopolists who plunder and sac our world by design before they destroy it to benefit their arms business and banking?  Many western oligarchs root from Rothschilds family bosses. I suspect Chumpy Trumpy... may be one of these. He chumped me - I voted for him hoping he would reduce wars for profit and plunder.

The big bomb on Afghanistan. Invading Syria? His tweet said no, but changes are now done quickly... are not more than 1000 American troops already in Syria expanding their airfield in Syria without any requests for help or any permission... Is that not an invasion force? When Trump attacked the airfield in Syria with more than 1000 Christians living nearby, he used 59 cruise missiles and spent a hundred million dollars for only 60% accuracy - did he not begin another new war front for World War 3?  The deep state threatens many people around the world creating more and new enemies daily - many disappointed Americans had placed hope in their vote when they cast it for Donald Trump. People like Manifort, Nunes, Flint, Savage, Stone, Corsi, Dave, Jones, Paul, Molyneau, Rivero and Roberts can help Trump drain the DC swamp. America could benefit from a smaller more efficient and more honest governance. Instead we got more alligators from the swamp added to the White house and the Pentagon. Did Mr. Trump sell his soul to hell makers in DC and the Pentagon? Western NEOCONs and PsychoDemicats create New World Empire Swamp Gas Odors by spreading World War 3 battle fronts beyond Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, Korea, and Turkey. Soon Russia, America, China, Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Japan, and Europe will experience World War 3 battle fronts too - on there very own turf - inside their borders. Sad Days For Humanity. Did Trump earn a new name? Did Trump bite on war bait so hard... that he earned a new legacy? Am I seeing the birth of Donald Chump? - So sad :(
Donald Trump and America enter 2017 moving forward to drain swamps and build honest, ethical, effective governance. Empire minds see a darker view. Which will prove true?
Today Score = Empire 3 America 1 - War takes the day as The White House caves in and now even they bow to The Empire War Lords. So Sad to see Trump Kneel to Rothschilds orders.

Read more about leaks and tweets?  Is not too much internet control a bad thing?

Take a deep breath as you consider these news data. CIA, NSA and FBI criminal insiders are spreading spy sheet... in news, on shows, on the internet, in print, on video, by rants, raves, and even prayers?  Who will you consider? You decide. 

Tweets - Towers - and Wikileaks -

As ISIS is attacked and they repel... again and again, does Turkey eye Syrian assets?  Where is Palmyra in all of this? Consider war strategies, deployments and posturing. Remember when Korea tested their medium range missile into the Sea of Japan after America tested an inter continental long range missile in the Pacific ocean. Iran too tested an missile with angry words written upon it.
Who Wants To Escalate The Syrian Turkey Shoot? 
War Reports - Iraq - Syria - Ukraine - Russia - ISIS - USA - Empire Plots - Cyber Wars -Hot war maps include Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Russia who are taking back gas and oil fields from ISIS in Syria. The Ukraine war map indicates an early spring has sprung on their battlefields. Surrender and defeat by ISIS forces bode well for Syrian ground troops who are taking most battlefields with Turkey and Russia providing the air support. Rumors of improved American military strategies for the war against ISIS are not yet proven. North Aleppo affirms freedom from ISIS. America plans an end to their involvements in covert foreign wars, focusing instead upon a complete victory over ISIS. Statements made by President Trump in his inaugural speech were to the dismay of industrial war pundits. So then, who will surrender and who will be buried in the ashes? Many chose to surrender before it was too late. Escalation of any war to end a war is risky business. Remember WWI - was that not a war to end all wars? These war updates include maps for your consideration. Peace and prosperity seem distant today. Hope remains. Are not peace, freedom, truth, and prosperity worthy goals for America and the world?

Consider These Data - 
Are you a cyber war target?  

 Reporters are fighting back.

Consider this question. How did Barack Obama become so wealthy on his modest salary in just 8 years. Who will do his audit? What fake news reports are breaking by CNONews? - Controversial and fearless Alex Jones investigations over many years are innovative investigative news reports. Are not INFOWARS free press news reporters real American truthers who challenge much propaganda from MSBS - CNoNews - NeoFOX - and other media monopolies?

Today we witness 2017 strategic color wars, DC swamp reptiles, Political Strategists, and killers who are rooted deep in American government and around the world... Sniff that odor? - The stink from DC will live in infamy. Today Trump fights wars with; media, agency criminals, gangsters in business and government. Will plots by old oligarchs, central bankers, arms monopolists, and wall street criminals kill us all? Take their odds or bet the casino... you must choose who to believe.

Add your comments? - Share? - Correct? - Debunk? - Rant? - Pray? - Act on your best and most ethical inspirations.

Do rants bother you? No problem. You control the volume! Rants are optional. Turn down the volume. Some people are bothered... but investigate for themselves these data anyhow... which otherwise they may have ignored. Many nations seek freedom from international, imperial, empire oligarchs. Germany, Greece, Hungry, France, Iceland, Britain, Italy and America are a few who battle empire minded schemes today. Sixteen years ago Russia broke free from their Imperial Soviet Empire oligarchs. What other nations are ready to face down their international, imperial empire oligarchs? Will not peace and prosperity fare well as imperial empire oligarch pirates are defeated?
Mayhem continued in the USA after Donald J. Trump won the election.

Failed efforts to defeat President Trump by insurgents and critics are leading to new accusations and plots for impeachment and/or assassination. China, America, and EU imperial, international, oligarchs expand still new rebel wars to incite color wars. Blaming Putin, MSBS, NeoFox, and CNoNews succumb to oligarch greed. They justify their crimes and plunders by making mayhem and accusations that target President Donald Trump. International oligarchs are experts at coup d'etat plots, having used them all around the world, many times already. Now these oligarchs launch American and European color war campaigns to bolster a waning Imperial Empire. Do not these international oligarchs pose the major threat to world peace today?
Palmyra, Eastern Mosul, Deir Ezzor and Al-Bab -
Attacks by ISIS in Syria including the one that over ran the Syrian Army in
Palmyra sna more in Deir Ezzor near Hamas, and another in Al Bab where ISIS captured Leopard tanks from Turkey troops. These attacks involved thousands of ISIS troops and now a large reinforcement by Syria launch counter attacks. Palmyra is a test of strength. In North Syria, Turkey and Russia are coordinating air intense attacks preparing Al- Bab for the Syrian army counter attack. Recently too, the Israel Air Force attacked, probed, and prodded Syrian defenses. Are more war plans being hatched by oligarchs who benefit from a war in Syria? Could Neocon - NeoLib - empire minded war families be behind some new plunder and pirate ventures executed during the mayhem in Syria? Why threaten world peace with new provocations and lies? Who is bombing who? Misinformation, mystery B-2 flights, and fake news are all a part of the world news. These strategies seem well designed for creating chaos and mayhem. Many puppets today point fingers at everybody... except for NWO empire oligarchs and their Imperial Lord Vader... aka George Soros, his pirates and cohorts.

Supply line attacks, counter attacks, and redeployment rage in ISIS war.
From Al-Raqqa and Hams, north to Hamas near Damascus many battles are escalating. Mapped reports are ready for your consideration. Attacks and counter attacks are resulting in many casualties and deaths. Another question is gaining much attention also. Why is Russia providing air support to Turkey in north Syria? A truck attack in Israel by ISIL or Palestine? Many nations combine forces in Iraq using a fierce war strategy where siege and attack are underway to liberate Mosul. The intense battles in Iraq are making progress and are perfecting the siege around an ISIL army entrenched inside Mosul. Turkey attacked Al-bab and lost their tanks so now are they using Russian air support? Syria pursues ISIS in Palmyra and now they too move their attack on ISIS in a direction toward Al-bab.

Reconstruction in eastern Aleppo. Syrian peace treaties promiss a new start and a new year with mostly good news for people in Syria. Dictators seem less deadly to a Syrian population in 2017 compared to massive murder and plunder unleashed by ISIS and other ruthless rebel gangs over the past 6 years. ISIS minded killers are picking new targets in 2017 - against innocent civilians in many nations. These included a 2017 new year celebration attack in Turkey by a gunman for the Islamic empire who declared they were killed as infidels. Murder by this gunman ended when he escaped, after killing 39 people whom he declared guilty of being Christians and/or other Pagans celebrating an unholy event. The escaped killer is still free - wanted dead or alive for mass murder homicide. Captured alive he is valuable for information reasons. Any person in the USA with any knowledge about this event should contact the FBI.

Border changes are a part of the peace plan for Syria.
These peace plans include Russia, Turkey, Iran and a few rebels who can agree to Syrian proposals. The war in Syria recently moved nearer Turkey where ISIS captured tanks from Turkey in the battle for Al -Bab, in Syria.

The Syrian army pursues rebels and ISIS invaders who escaped Aleppo. Syria is creating buffer zones for refugees. Turkey invaded Al -Bab and lost the battle allowing ISIS to capture their Leopard tanks. The Russian ambassador then was murdered. Then a large Russian jet crashed and a NATO banker was murdered that may have been collateral damage? Amid all of these events, Turkey points a finger at the CIA linking them to a Turkey policeman who murdered the Russian ambassador.

Aleppo Fell After Five Years Of Siege - How Long Will Mosul Stand?

Mosul is under fierce attack as eastern sections already are under the control of Iraq forces. Long siege strategies may not be needed in Mosul. Casualties over the short term using a more aggressive policy than was used in Aleppo, will be higher in Mosul.  However, overall damage and death can be less than was inured by Aleppo from their protracted siege.

The radio and internet are tools for freedom. Will America provide honest leadership?
Has Not The White House... Become The House of the Rising Sun?

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Truly I Do Exist... The Free Press Daily News - From Fort Bragg

American Free Speech Leaders - 1913, 1939, 1969 - Why does now seem much like then?

What do you think?
On the streets of Berkeley, resistance formed to end an American war. American presidents often have reeked havoc by prosecuting war and indulgence into many forms of unethical conduct. American citizens have fought illicit governance by English royals, pawn politicians, psychopathic, sociopathological and maniacal presidents. Almost every generation faces the problems of broken leadership. These protests from 1964 through 1969 led by Mario Savio and other brave citizens got results from actions, facts, and staying on the moral high grounds. What constructive actions can citizens do today?

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