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Expanding wars are fueled by corrupt empire minded news media. Selling propaganda by collusion using lies, bribes, and fraud are what news monopolies do to profit themselves today. The Free Press News prefer reporters who sort Wikileaks and other data about wars, economics, ethics and governance to identify truth from disinformation. Do not media crimes and propaganda put humanity at risk for plunder and needless wars? What about nuclear wars? Realities are upon us. Consider these free press news reporters and their data.
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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded DC governance to eliminate; corruption, waste, deceit, and empire mania from DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?

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Friday, September 30, 2016

The Free Press News - War and Economics - September 2016

September 30, 2016 - War and Economic News - Free Press News Reports.
Updated news on war, economics and Imperial Empire agenda. News data worth consideration. Do not corrupt officials, rigged elections, media lies, war instigators, propaganda and mayhem by monopoly news media paint dark agenda by empire enthusiasts? Syrian battle updates and war news. Insane, international, plunder minded warring families, exact enormousness costs upon humanity.
Did monopoly media propagandists sabotage Michael Savage? That radio show is one of the most listened to radio shows in America. Consider if  radio broadcasts are censored by media monopolies, Why do that? Are propaganda BIZ OPS for profit a good bet? The INFOWAR!

Pipe bombs in New York without any death received more MSBS, CNONEWS, and $NeoFOX$ news coverage than did friendly fire killings of 65 to 80 people in Syria by US air strikes. The UN cease fire failed. Protest mayhem in Charlotte turned with death and propaganda now are the news for monopoly media networks in America. Imperial Empire bosses are fighting to prevent  power by a Trump regime change, as they own the Clinton's already. Will former Ronald Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts serve also on the Trump Team? - http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/category/articles/
Did corrupt DC leaders hire - bribe - and pay ISIS to attack the Syria government? How much were they paid? Was that wise? Is this evidenced by any emails leaked to Wikileaks?  
Michael Rivero makes his case well. Who can we trust?


How did the 16 year Russia liberty movement win freedom from criminal empire oligarchs? Great Britain Syrian War Updates - From the 
BBC Link

BBC Syria War Update September 18, 2016

Mindless news media in America diverted attention to pipe bombs and Obama birther crimes, looking to hide Dixie Clinton high crime and  a Syndicated takeover of DC with Bush, Soros, and pillage - plunder pirate friends including; international families, ruthless overlords, arms dealers, old money financiers, and wanton empire military interests. Together these people are controlling DC government with elected cohorts who serve only themselves and not the people. How does this feel? Pink Floyd for tears and Gods mercy can help us consider these data, searching too for wise inspirations.

What Difference Does It Make?
Updated 911 evidence are available for all who seek - Birther evidence too - War Crime - Illegal Plunders - Corrupt Government Contracts - and Monopoly Crimes too.

Just the facts? - Study the data yourself - Available for investigation at Wikileaks. Here follow the link and do some homework.  -  https://wikileaks.org/ .

Abundant evidence for all to consider here on the American Internet, through September 2016. After that International Empire Enthusiasts Control The American Internet - by their puppets.

September 11, 2016 Hillary Clinton suffered health problems while attending a NY 911 event. The facts and consequences of her illness were breaking news as humanity felt fragile realities revealed by sickness. Sickness by a leader can resonate compassion and understanding among her supporters and also her adversaries. 

Time will define this event in one way or another. God can put all things to a good use. Is this true with politics too? September 30, 2016 internet governance for America will be surrendered to Imperial NATO oligarchs who direct their puppets employed at the U.N. - Taking control of the American internet has been accomplished by quiet means.  Starting October 1, 2016 foreign s and high overhead middle management empire enthusiasts will begin lining their pockets from internet plunder they extract from Americans who already are addicted to social media, web games, and entertainment. Profit plus mind control are the benefits they reap from their internet coup de ta. Chinese web management models or worse are likely to be implemented.  Worse case is expansion of crime family oligarch plunder and sac crimes throughout their empire, by flipping the switch off to free speech on the internet they can better unleash their hidden pirate puppets in America and Europe. By gaining control over internet regulations a cement has been acquired by empire enthusiasts for increased command and control plus propaganda on the internet. On September 30, 2016, internet victory celebrations are the agenda for The Imperial NATO Empire oligarchy.

Wikileaks posted emails with damning information on Clinton crimes syndicated with the DNC, and George Soros. 

The data support criminal actions by conspired government officials with puppet masters from international monopolies, to ravage and plunder America and the world. Media liars cite Russian government for supplying Wikileaks email data, however Wikileaks has many sources for their evidence and they state that many new sources are still coming forward from within our own nation and government. Many Americans were incited when Bernie Sanders was plucked and burnt by the DNC. Putin rants about the stupid people inside NATO who are braking nuclear peace treaties. Many people are still unaware that America and NATO have put defensive missiles on Russian borders. These missiles can be easily converted into nuclear attack missiles. Are Putin concerns about missiles on his border legitimate? What new risks to humanity are created Imperial Empire Expansion as NATO put missiles on the Putin border? Are these empire families posturing for thermonuclear war?  "Imperial NATO Empire - Plunder Mania" .  Julian Assange and Wikileaks, The X22 Report by Dave, Alex Jones INFOWARS and Michael Rivero with What Really Happened, each provide daily updated free press news reports. New war and battle updates are provided daily by the South Front News. - Truth Testing - Share what you find.
- Side by Side - Rally Comparison-

Western leaders and media ignore Putin as he warns NATO to remove their missiles from his border. Putin has stated he will use electronic countermeasures to render the missiles useless. Putin stated he will destroy the missiles if they are left on Russian borders. Wars are parlor games for self anointed Kings and Queens who prosecute empire agenda by creating puppets in every nation to serve their flawed purposes. Putin displaced empire puppets from Moscow and Russian citizens supported and helped him do that. Placing puppets in key positions are diabolical gangster style controls used by empires to control; political parties, banking systems, stock markets, armed forces, high courts and news media monopolies. Americans today are Imperial NATO Empire resources, like farm animals or lumber. The Empire uses the resources and other assets of many nations to benefit a few empire enthusiasts and their families.  People who are plundered and the poor, become their debt slaves. These debt slaves are bought and sold by the empire enthusiasts. Doctors explain that many of these enthusiasts are sociopaths or psychopathic human beings. Historically such people are also known also as "Liars". Liars cause harm. Feel the vibe by "Three Dog Night"?

Pay to Play - Consider These Evidence.

Empire data and other facts by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts are available at these links for your consideration.http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/08/01/american-horror-story-how-democrats-found-a-russian-boogeyman-in-hillarys-e-mails/ href="http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/08/25/trump-vs-hillary-a-summation-paul-craig-roberts/" target="_blank">http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/08/25/trump-vs-hillary-a-summation-paul-craig-roberts/
The Seth Rich Murder has the odor of Clinton Gangsters - Five shots in the back before his meeting with the FBI... oh my?  Wikileaks offers a $20,000 reward and the police offer a $25,000 reward for information about the Seth Rich murder. Was Seth Rich murdered because he was an DNC staffer, and a Wikileaks source for criminal email evidence?

Wikileaks wants honest diligent news data. Do try your best and be safe. - REWARDS OFFERED WANTED INFORMATION on Seth Ritch murder. - WIKILEAKS AND POLICE TOTAL REWARD =  $45,000 - https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/08/12/wiki-a12.html  -

Both liberal media publication WSWS and INFOWARS reporters are each seeking truth about the murder which occurred on July 10th, 2016. Seth Rich was a 27 year old DNC staffer who had access to DNC data and computers. Seth was killed at 4:00 am with 5 bullets in his back and was reported as a failed robbery attempt without theft by suspect police reports. Minimal coverage by news about the Seth Rich murder was provided despite a reward indicating he was a Wikileaks whistle blower. Did seth provide email data with evidence on political crimes by the DNC and George Soros. Wikileaks has some email evidence of their political crimes and corruption. Unsupported claims of unknown Russian hackers was the media propaganda for the Wikileaks email evidence of the criminal elements who are operating inside American government. Who controls American news media? A few foreign and domestic empire families own the controlling stock for the few remaining American news media monopolies. Competition in television, radio, newspaper and other news media are systemically destroyed while government funding for news shows was legalized. News media today work for ruling families who maintain oligarchies for personal benefit and their news media are legalized propaganda without benefit of legitimate, objective research and reporting. Opposing the oligarchs are many organized groups including; capitalists, socialists, communists, liberty parties, peace parties, progressive reformers, and others who all seek to break oligarch monopolies and curtail crime and corruption. This blue link goes to Wikileaks data. Whatever groups you may support, engaged in social-political activities... please be diligent and help humanity. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/08/12/wiki-a12.html

People suffer empire crimes of governance. What summer madness stoke these fires? Putin warns of danger from NATO missiles on their borders breaking the peace treaty. Little coverage by American news of imminent danger caused by the missiles as American politics provide distractions for the current escalation of war. Americans could deal with Russians but NEOCON NATO leaders seek war as the way to keep their power and increase their wealth. Law can require democrats to fix corruption inside their party or cause them to be disbanded. Anti-Trust laws used to break monopolies? Republicans too must repair corruption and dysfunction inside the GOP or law can disband the Republican Party also. What if Americans unfix American elections with honest elections and repair our rigged economy? Do not criminal overlords control Europe and America for plunder and pleasure? Consider these data.
- Add comments - Share - Correct - Debunk - You control their volume! Julian Assange doing Wikileaks in asylum, Micheal Rivero from Hawaii, Alex Jones INFOWARS from Texas, Dave on The X22 Report from New York, The Free Press News from Fort Bragg, and South Front News from...

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American Free Speech Leaders - 1913, 1939, 1969 - Why does now seem much like then?

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On the streets of Berkeley, resistance formed to end an American war. American presidents often have reeked havoc by prosecuting war and indulgence into many forms of unethical conduct. American citizens have fought illicit governance by English royals, pawn politicians, psychopathic, sociopathological and maniacal presidents. Almost every generation faces the problems of broken leadership. These protests from 1964 through 1969 led by Mario Savio and other brave citizens got results from actions, facts, and staying on the moral high grounds. What constructive actions can citizens do today?

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