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Expanding wars are fueled by corrupt empire minded news media. Selling propaganda by collusion using lies, bribes, and fraud are what news monopolies do to profit themselves today. The Free Press News prefer reporters who sort Wikileaks and other data about wars, economics, ethics and governance to identify truth from disinformation. Do not media crimes and propaganda put humanity at risk for plunder and needless wars? What about nuclear wars? Realities are upon us. Consider these free press news reporters and their data.
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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded governance to combat; corruption, waste, deceit, and foreign empire mania inside our DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?
A New America In 2019... Lead by? Congressional Communists and Thieves? or Corporate Raider Mittens in the Senate? MAGA Donald Trump? The Q Anon? InfoWars plus Tucker and Hannity? Tucker Carlson is on a roll.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

World War 3 News - Russia France Alliance - Free Press War News - Syria Report - Russia War News - Russian Missiles and Tanks On The Border - Syria Defeating ISIS - World Economic News - 2015

World War 3 News - France Russia War Alliance - Syria War News - Alliance Press Report - Russian Jet Navigator Interview - President Putin Puts Missiles and Tanks on Turkey Border After Sneak Attacks By Turkey - 

November 30 War Report - Syria Victory Against ISIL, ISIS etc...

Desperate moves by Turkey include their attack on Russia which was meant to help Islamic friends and relatives who Invaded and now occupy Syria. The opposite result is easy to see. How could President Putin miss this opportunity? He did not. Putin now secures the Turkey border and displays new missiles and arms technologies which he may sell to Iran, China, India, France and so on. Syria will offer more trades and power to Russia for more protection. Angered Russian warriors will deliver the knock out punch on ISIS. Any remnant rebel or occupation forces who are in Syria need to be gone before Christmas or they will die in vain, don't you think? Syria now is a vassal state for Russia caused by the aggression of the new Imperial NATO Empire crime syndicate. Russia was asked by Syria to defend them and they can remain in Syria after ISIS is defeated. Syria is now a buffer for the Russian war front in World War 3. The Imperial NATO Empire war criminals began World War 3 after Twin Tower attacks in New York city 14 years ago. Then and now under the guise of a war upon terror the fraud based World War 3 expansions into Iraq and Afghanistan were launched by, "The Imperial NATO Empire" as their wars for conquest began followed by more expansion as they continue taking other nations through subversion, invasion, and fear. The empire then and now is funding and arming ruthless Islamic rebels encouraging them to attack other nations as a pretense for, "The Imperial NATO Empire" to invade and occupy other nations in pursuit of a hoax war that they perpetuate, "the empire war on terror". Turkey is a vassal state for NATO.  A Turkey sneak attack on a Russian bomber and rescue helicopter created opportunities for Russia to secure the Turkey border and display their new arms which they can sell for profits and use also to form new alliances. Russia is defending not invading, and they are not an enemy. If the aggression by The Imperial NATO Empire ends, Russia must protect themselves from subversion by covert empire minded families within Russia. President Putin knows this and he has began rooting out subversive agents within Russia. George Soros controlled business and community organization have been identified as empire subversive agents by President Putin and they are being removed from Russia.

November 29, 2015 - Alex Jones - War and Economics - World War 3 Is 15 Years Old And Is Still Expanding.

War Plans Discussed by France and Russia Alliance in Public at Their News Conference -

November 28, War update -

New Technology On Display - Is Putin Selling Arms Now To Create Allies? - Are These New Russian Missile Systems The Best On The Planet ?

Dave From New York Reports On War and Economic Links To It.

Border Defense By Putin

Merry Christmas Russia. The Imperial NATO Empire has given President Putin the keys to Syria. Russia will occupy Syria and secure Turkey border before Christmas.

Turkey now by their attack on Russia has created undeclared wars with Russia, Syria, and Iran. Any troops supported by Turkey inside of any Syrian border will be destroyed sooner now. I will be surprised if any Free Syrian or ISIS troops inside Syria, moderate or otherwise... will be alive after Christmas. Turkey has brought hell to their border.

Listen to the President Putin first interview response after Turkey attacked Russia. Scroll down this page and see the video news report - A 14 minute news interview by RT.

The Russian SU 24 Jet shot down over Syria has circumstances that are troublesome for those who fight in Syria. President Putin explained his concern about the jet incident and the news video report from RT is here on The Free Press News. 

The French foreign legion are ruthless combatants. Is there a plan to sweep the last of ISIS from Syria with the Legion? Are France and Russia making arms deals and trade agreements? How many lost contracts does Washington DC foreign policy cost America? Is Paul Craig Roberts accurate in his assessment of American leaders?

Friends and Foes -
Consider how Russia is more Ally for Americans than are Imperial NATO Empire leaders whom are war enthusiasts. Russia, was controlled by empire families when it was a vassal of The Soviet Union Empire and Russian citizens suffered. Today we Americans suffer from The Imperial NATO Empire pirates. The Soviet Union was ruled by empire families who looted Russia and the other vassal nations while failing to benefit any citizens of their empire. Today Russia is a free nation. Today, Americans are controlled by Imperial NATO Empire ruling families. The Imperial NATO Empire harms American citizens who have no ownership or control of America. Ruling families of The Imperial NATO Empire plunder America and the world. The Imperial NATO Empire nations are ruled by insane families who divested Americans of America. All world empires have failed. Freedom from an empire is similar to breaking a monopoly. Monopolies in business are stifling. The same thing happens in governance as empires harm diverse cultures. Civilizations are destroyed by monolithic empires. Consider these news data. Add Your Comment? - Share? - Debunk? - Correct? - Take action, use these data well. You control the volume.

November 24,  2015 - Alex Jones INFOWARS -

24 November 2015 - The Free Press News - Russia Attacked By Turkey World War 3 News - France Allied With ? Russia ? - Paris, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Libya War Front News - Free Press News Data - Compelling Facts About World War 3 - Breaking News Russia Responding To Turkey Attack.

Michael Rivero Hawaii

Recipe for a healthy civilization. 

Empires and monopolies broken and banned from earth. Governance are used to preserve and enhance; liberty, peace, trade and justice. All other common interests are administered by;  families, community service organizations, local churches, local educators, local community centers, local law enforcement, state transportation networks, state courts, state prisons, state parks, state wild life, state environmental administration, state anti-trust oversight aka monopoly elimination, and state SS retirement and welfare administration. Health? Eliminate health care insurance, open free markets for health care providers. This will better education and assist people who need health care. Require honest advertising with high ethical standards for providers. Risk and liabilities are assumed by health care recipients. Provide high visibility on each health care procedure including all data on all providers including their service history. More help, charity and fund raising by community organizations and churches with incentives to health providers who serve people in need of financial assistance.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - 

Good data is refreshing. A German backlash to failed US foreign policy was shared on November 21st by Dr. Roberts and now that link is also here on The Free Press News. Consider the message.


The Free Press News
Consider how empires and monopolies have harmed humanity. Are not today, and did not all empires in the history of all people dominate our world by war, corruption and injustice? Do not monopolies stifle and destroy healthy economies? Do not empires and monopolies each create monolithic cultures that benefit only a few at the expense of many?  Both empires and monopolies use disinformation to propagate and destroy competition. Mayhem and misdirection are common tactics for empires and monopolies. Creating arguments about religion or politics or race are common activities for both.  Example: communism, fascism, socialism, capitalism and other isms are a ploy by news media and politicians to hide plots of empire and monopoly families. Communism is cited as the reason for failure of the Soviet Union but the real truths about how a few corrupt empire families took control and destroyed the Soviet Union are not discussed much. Today, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and America are controlled by a few empire families who control The Imperial NATO Empire. Are not empires, monopolies and the families who control them at the roots of war, injustice and corruption today?  Consider news data by Free Press News, hmmm... think, think, think. Now go ahead and use these data well. You control the volume.

Russia War Room Report - 

Syrian war reports by RT News

The G-20 meeting was held in Turkey

The G-20 Turkey meet has met and was attended by all the usual suspects including some who may be diabolical players in Paris mass murders. The G20 Turkies met in Turkey, they love fresh meat and have motives for the Paris mass murder. So then, who done it? ISIL etc are funded and manipulated by western G20 handler nations while eastern G20 leaders are clever and can use the Paris events to win more trade contracts and arms deals. No guns for french citizens but French bombers and the French foreign legions are unleashed already.

The Free Press News - War and Economic News - The Paris response arrested 25 suspects. Live prisoners can provide information. The French alliance with Russia is news as they join for success and progress of many people and nations who now are defeating ISIL - ISIS etc... in the Syria war front. Thank you France, Syria and Russia for fighting my enemies. The Imperial NATO Empire can support France, Syria, and Russia too - maybe build new business and improve trade relations by winning the war in Syria, also allowing Syrian refugees to return home and rebuild their nation.

Attacks in Paris confirm expanding war fronts and escalation of World War 3 strategies by Imperial NATO Empire rulers. Private monopolies continue to dominate world economics as they spread World War 3 battle fronts in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Libya. Empire wars are caused by insane killers. War presidents with large egos who lie and cheat citizens to enhance the wealth, power and greed of their handlers have fueled World Wars 3, 2, and 1 - each having the same root and theme. All of these wars are rooted in banking families and military industrial empire families. Today, we consider Dave in New York, Michael Rivero from Hawaii, Paul Craig Roberts former assistant secretary of the Treasury, Noam Chomsky professor at MIT,  INFOWARS and Alex Jones empire crime investigations from Austin Texas. Gaming economic statistics by the government are examined in this interview with Jeff Nielson. Paris attack details are unfolding and this commercial free RT news report provides  news data from Paris at the scene.

RT News Report

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