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Expanding wars are fueled by corrupt empire minded news media. Selling propaganda by collusion using lies, bribes, and fraud are what news monopolies do to profit themselves today. The Free Press News prefer reporters who sort Wikileaks and other data about wars, economics, ethics and governance to identify truth from disinformation. Do not media crimes and propaganda put humanity at risk for plunder and needless wars? What about nuclear wars? Realities are upon us. Consider these free press news reporters and their data.
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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded DC governance to eliminate; corruption, waste, deceit, and empire mania from DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

INFOWARS News - World War 3 Root and Vine - John Wells & Admiral James Lyons - Alex Jones - Noam Chomsky - X22 Data by Dave

Consider World War 3 - It began on September 11, 2001 and continues still. World War 3 is the expansion of The Imperial NATO Empire. Listen To Admiral James A. Lyons.

Caravan to midnight executed and aired this interview. American admirals are in a position to know much about war. The facts and opinions of this admiral are quite revealing. He believes he knows and his understandings are self assured. Bombs and bullets have their limitations. Military tools are deadly. Military professionals are trained to kill, target and take by force  Ponder this information, source and content Pentagon pros express points of view that explain much about their influence. World War 3 is an old war now. Posturing for World War 4 is in the shadows. .The Free Press News is a flashlight peeking behind the darkness. The X22 Report Data by Dave - INFOWARS - Noam Choamsky - Alex Jones -  John Wells - Admiral Lyons - All express opinion and different points of view. Their data has merit. This is free speech news. Add a comment? - Share? - Debunk? - Correct?

Episode 285 – The Enemies Within: Today on Caravan To Midnight we welcome retired Admiral James A. Lyons on board for Geo-political insight unparalleled, tied together by the return of the President of the American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese, as we have a brilliant discussion revolving around Agenda 21 and how wool is being pulled over our nation’s eyes. Buy This Caravan To Midnight Episode for 2.99 http://caravantomidnight.com/product/... Please Subscribe At http://caravantomidnight.com/ Former Host of Coast To Coast AM John B Wells is now in control on Caravan To Midnight Category People; Blogs License Standard YouTube License
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On the streets of Berkeley, resistance formed to end an American war. American presidents often have reeked havoc by prosecuting war and indulgence into many forms of unethical conduct. American citizens have fought illicit governance by English royals, pawn politicians, psychopathic, sociopathological and maniacal presidents. Almost every generation faces the problems of broken leadership. These protests from 1964 through 1969 led by Mario Savio and other brave citizens got results from actions, facts, and staying on the moral high grounds. What constructive actions can citizens do today?

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