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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded DC governance to eliminate; corruption, waste, deceit, and empire mania from DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ebola Wars - Spain Update - Dallas Ebola US Is Suspect - Is ISUS Next -

October 7, 2014 The Free Press News blog presents todays Alex Jones Infowars, Nightly News broadcast. This condensed video is produced by The Ron Gibson YouTube Channel. The truth about Liberian Ebola is death. Mutated Liberian Ebola is a killer. Facts are in on Ebola from Liberia and the odds are death for those attacked by these Ebola. If attacked by these Ebola, 75 to 90 percent is the death rate. The prognosis for health care professionals suffering is no better than those receiving less care. Already of more than 300 health care professionals diagnosed with Ebola in Liberia, nearly 200 are dead already. The story of the Dallas Ebola raises more questions than answers. The response in Dallas seems more political than factual. If  a legitimate Liberian strain of Ebola is in Dallas, a high percentage of people exposed to it will contract it and die. They are worried because they have good reasons to worry.  Bafoon leader judge Jenkins is going to get a lot more people dead than need be, if the Dallas patient truly has a Liberian stain of Ebola. There is a possibility the Dallas patient has a copy cat virus and not Liberian Ebola. I pray this is the case. The case for a copy cat virus in Dallas is two fold. Profits and ISIS. A simple plan to put the US in Syria doing the empire thing. Fake Ebola attacks with a copy cat virus if it can fool the CDC and Americans. Then use that copy cat virus for dirty tricks like ISIS attacks Hollywood, trick and treat Halloween joke but not so funny. The INFOWARS Nightly News tonight does a good job on this story. Alex Jones is doing his diligence thing right now on this story in Texas to uncover facts and truth about that Ebola case.  Can Alex determine within 7 days whether Texas was attacked by a trick or treat copy cat virus or a real serial killer strain of Ebola from Liberia?  Spain was attacked yesterday by Ebola and their response is more appropriate than was the response by Dallas. What does judge Jenkins know?  Alex will get his pound of flesh if he must, to solve this riddle.  Add your comment? - Share? - Debunk?          https://www.NewsFreePress.Blogspot.com

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