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Expanding wars are fueled by corrupt empire minded news media. Selling propaganda by collusion using lies, bribes, and fraud are what news monopolies do to profit themselves today. The Free Press News prefer reporters who sort Wikileaks and other data about wars, economics, ethics and governance to identify truth from disinformation. Do not media crimes and propaganda put humanity at risk for plunder and needless wars? What about nuclear wars? Realities are upon us. Consider these free press news reporters and their data.
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Our vote was our responsibility. Those who Voted a Trump card installed a new America minded DC governance to eliminate; corruption, waste, deceit, and empire mania from DC governance. Ethical, honest, effective government to benefit America and the world are the mandate. Ending plunder-sac policies can stop wars caused by international oligarchs, their puppets, their industrial monopolies, and their corrupt influence inside governments around the world. Imperial World Empires are created by insane, criminal oligarch families who are insatiable hogs... consuming too much. Humanity can no longer survive their greed! Can international oligarchs perfect their subversive take over of American; governance, high courts, CIA, FBI, and The Department of Justice?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola RNA Virus Update - War to Kill Ebola The Terminator - Free Press News Report October 28 2014

The American Ebola czar, missing or lost?  President Obama’s Ebola czar Ron Klain, where are you? Political science aside, Ron Klain you are the appointed person by the president, concerning the Ebola war. Did I miss your work this past week or did you get disappeared?  The news of Ebola victims being disappeared by covert government operator's happened big this past week and the Ebola czar seems to be disappeared too. INFOWARS began investigations concerning covert activities in the Ebola war. Witnesses and interviews with concerns that some low visibility Ebola victims are being disappeared, continue still without any response by Ron Klain. Policies are polarized  as the  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said mandatory quarantines are not necessary for medical workers returning from West Africa, but a U.S. Army general said that he and all his troops returning from Liberia will remain in isolation for 21 days. The most fascinating and confused policy of the week, is an abundance of shheeeet. An abundance of shheeet as reason for extraordinary caution for going beyond CDC guidance, and require all health care workers who have been treating Ebola patients in Africa to remain in their homes for 21 days. The real body count and  story  on Ebola are still missing in the news monopolies. with little or no good science being shared in the news concerning current statistics on Ebola RNA mutations as of this date. If you find some good current science facts on Ebola RNA mutations, please share them with The Free Press News.   Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, urged his colleagues to “ratchet down some of the hysteria,” since scientists say that people carrying the virus are not contagious until they show symptoms. Perhaps Ron Kain can lead by education on Ebola?  The politicians ask others to do their diligence for them. Few leaders read any science concerning RNA mutations and possible effective tactics to terminate Ebola before it becomes the terminator. Most viruses are not RNA based viruses. We need to get our heads around what an RNA virus is, and what that  means. Through it all, Ebola czar,Ron Klain, remains silent.
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